Should/Shouldn’t animals be kept in Zoos?

With the holidays quickly approaching there has been lots of advertising of things that you can do to keep busy.
There has been lots of advertisement about visiting the Melbourne and Werribee Zoos over the Easter break.
This has make me wonder –

Should/Shouldn’t animals be kept in Zoos?

What are your thoughts???


56 thoughts on “Should/Shouldn’t animals be kept in Zoos?

  1. In my opinion, animals should not be kept in zoos because:
    1. they will miss their family and friends
    2. they are not in there habitat and they could die
    3. their population will slowly decrease
    Anthony P 5/6 MA

  2. In my opinion, animals should be allowed to stay in their habitats. There’s no point trapping them in cages for people’s enjoyment when they can see them out in the world.
    My first reason that they shouldn’t be kept in Zoos is that they are taken away from their homes! Wouldn’t you like to stay in your home? Not in some cage FOREVER!
    My second reason is that animals are taken away from THEIR families! They love their families just like how we love ours, there’s no difference!
    My third reason is that animals have to wait in cages for their whole life until they pass away. If an animal has a baby animal it gets taken away from them! But if they are free in their habitat they will get to stay with their family.
    Again, animals shouldn’t be kept in Zoos! They get taken away from their homes, they are taken away from their families & they have to wait in cages for their whole life!

    From Lara H

  3. Well, I actually think that animals shouldn’t be kept in zoos because of the very poor conditions of the cages and the cold, horrible and miserable wires surrounding them. Yes, they do keep the animals safely away from the people but they are being seperated from their families and habitats.

    But, it is good in a way because it gives us people, the oppurtunity to see these beautiful creatures that are from the wild. I do know that there are some zoos that let you see the aniamls up close and in their habitats which is a great expierence!!

    Wow, this is hard Mrs. Mahney its sort of a win, win!! Great topic! 😀
    Martina C 5/6MA

  4. I think that animals should not be kept in the zoo because what if the baby animals are kept in the zoo in cages while their actual parents are in the wild and the baby animals would miss their parents unless the zoo keeper let the baby animals free so they can see thier actual parents again. Except, if they are harmful nasty animals they should be kept in cages so that they don’t hurt the harmless baby or adult animals.
    Kellie P 5/6MA

  5. I agree that animals shouldn’t be free because their feces will go everywhere.
    In our streets, in our CONTINENT or maybe even in our backyards!
    I definitely disagree animals shouldn’t be free
    Danny V 5/6MA

    • Danny, animal feces wouldn’t be a pleasant sight it if was all over our streets or in our backyards! I know I wouldn’t appreciate it.
      Mrs Mahney

    • I don’t believe you should be free, because of your faeces will be everywhere, literally human faeces are everywhere! you shouldn’t be free!


  6. I don’t think animals should be kept in zoos.
    Firstly, if you keep them away from their families and natural habitats they might refuse to do things you want or expect them to do, such as eating and drinking.
    Next, some people are allergic to certain animals.So for example, if someone was allergic to birds, the birds might be new to the zoo and are curious about us humans and might come close to the people with allergies and make them terribly sick.
    Finally, if the animals have been in the zoo for a long time and hate it there, if they somehow esape they might go on a rampage and start killing people even by accident if they are large.
    Emma B 5/6MA

  7. Animals should be kept in Zoos because it can save endangered animals.
    If animals are not kept in zoos they can become extinct.
    If animals become extinct you may never see the animals again!
    Kelvin N 5/6MA

    • Kelvin you are right, keeping animals in Zoos does mean they have a less chance of becoming endangered!
      Mrs Mahney

  8. In my opinion, animals should not live in cages and should live with their family in thier natural habitat. Animals should actully practise finding thier food out in the wild.
    Mrs Mahney

  9. I think that animals should not be in Zoos.

    Firstly, I think that animals should not be in the Zoo because if there in their own habitat they will live better and they will stay with their families.

    Secondly, I think that animals should stay in the wild because they will be more safe there because they have family around but in the zoo they dont have them with them.

    Thirdly, I believe that animals can sometimes be very, very annoying and angry so if they’re in the Zoo they can be very vicious and they might kill someone or they might eat someone and that’s very very scary for peeple, tourists and most importantly, little kids. I put kids important because when they are scared they will go crazy and they will get lost and they will start crying until their older brother or sister comes.

    However there can be some bad things that can happen in the wild. If they are walking around the raod they can get run over and if they are in the wild and they take something thats important they can get punished and get eaten.

    So in conclusion, I think that animals should not be in Zoos because they are not in their own habitat, they are safer in the wild and animals can be very annoying.

    William L 5/6MA

  10. In my opinion animals should be kept in Zoos because;
    *Some animals are dangerous and should be kept somewhere were they won’t hurt anyone and still be looked after.
    *Some animals are nice and very beautiful and people would like to look at them with their kids.
    *Some animals might be hurt in the wild or it might be dangerous in the wild for them so they would be looked after in the Zoos.
    Above all, animals should be kept in zoos!
    Akon M 5/6MA

  11. Does anyone want poor animals in cages? The poor animals are kept in cages and they suffer from being little cages instead of freedom! So please take your time and listen to me!

    Firstly, I’d like to say that the animals are away from their habitat and they will miss their babies and their family. And, the longer they stay away the more angry they get! And the more angry they get the more stronger! And the more stronger they get, they might be able to be break through the cages!

    Secondly, I’d like to point out that if the male is caught that means the rest of the family will starve because the male mainly hunts for the food! And the only time they will get food is when a male cub is fully grown and by then they would’ve died!!

    Thirdly, I’d want to say that the animals aren’t used to the weather. Some animals live in the jungle where it is comfortable and in cages they will be very sad and they’ll miss their homes in the jungle!!!

    Now, please take a little more time to read this, they can’t be in zoos because, the animals are not in their normal habitat, the animals are not used to the weather and their family can starve! So change your ways and GET EM’ OUT OF CAGES!
    Savio P 5/6MA

  12. Do you care for animals? Most people strongly belive that animals shouldn’t be kept in zoos. Here are my 3 reasons why…

    First, they have to go away from there familiy. Animals have families and they have to risk their family to go to zoos. Animals can get very upset and their family is going to be upset as well because one member of the family has to leave. Animals can’t contact their families if they are far away from their family.

    Secondly, animals have to be moved away from their habitats. Animals have to live in diffrent conditions if they are moved away from their habitat. The food in the zoo is not the same as it was in the wild. They have to get along with others others animals in their area at the zoo.

    Lastly, animals might not be comfortable living in the zoo. Animals might not be comfortable being trained. They might not like people staring at them. Animals might not being forced to do things just to entertain people.

    Those are my 3 reasons why animals shouldn’t be kept in zoos because they have to leave their families, they have to move away form their habitats and they might not be comfortable living in zoos.

    Alicia T
    5/6 Mahney

  13. What whould you feel like if you were away from your parents for the rest of your life? I think it is cruel to keep animals in the zoo.

    Animals are supposed to run free and wild, all the animals are alway feeling sad and helpless as the zoo keepers keep the animals in cages. Animals don’t live in zoos they live in their own habitat.

    I think the only reason they keep animals in cages is to make money and entertain people without relaising that animals have feelings too.

    Jade Jade N 5/6MA

  14. Do you think animals should be kept in Zoos? Well l think animals should not be kept in zoos. Now l will tell you why l think animals should not be kept in zoos.

    Firstly, if they are kept in zoos then they are not used to the place and they are not used to the weather.

    Secondly, they want to be with their families ause they are not used to the place and they might get mad.

    Thirdly, they are used to look food for them and they might think you are food and eat you up.

    Now do you think animals should be kept in zoos it is up to you to decide?!
    Amy H 5/6MA

  15. For me personally, I believe that animals shouldn’t be kept in zoos

    1. Animals are alive just like we are. They eat, they have families just like us humans and being isolated from your own family in a strange place would be very shocking especially when your young. Also, mothers would be very worried if their little ones are gone so this is one of the reasons why I believe that animals shouldn’t be kept in zoos.

    2. Animals would be even more vicous and vile if they were kept inside a zoo for a long period of time. Eventually, they will try to break out of the zoo and trample on the roads of the city also many lives will be lost.

    3.Animals aren’t that dangerous unless you are trying to harm them or their loved ones. Animals are like friends that you don’t know yet kind of like a pet point of view when you get a pet you don’t get a long that well at the start but when you get use to seeing each other everyday you get a long.

    It should be clear that animals shouldn’t be kept in zoos because they are alive just like us they have a limit life too they also have families to take care of thats why I believe that animals should not be kept in zoos.
    Natalie D 5/6MA

  16. In my opinion animals should not be kept in zoos.

    1.They have thier own habitat.
    Animals dont live in zoos they have their own habitat.
    They came from nature but they did not came from the zoo.
    The animals dont need another habitat when they have their own.

    2.They can run freely
    The animals can’t run freely becuase they are in a big cage.
    They can run freely if they are in the wild.
    The animals like to have their own space instead being inside a cage.

    3.They can do whatever they want
    If they want to do something in the wild they can but if they are in a cage then they can’t.
    If The animals want privacy then they can in the wild but in a cage then they can’t.
    If they animals want to eat then they can hunt in the wild but in a cage then the can’t becuase they have to wait for the food.

    That is why I disagree that animals shoud not be in zoos and be caged up in the zoos.
    Daniel T 5/6MA

  17. In my opinion, I strongly believe that animals should not be kept in zoos.

    Animals should not be kept in zoos. Animals need to be in nature where they belong. All animals have there own habitats and they would be sad if we take them into another place where they belong.

    Animals like to be free and have lots of space to run around. If animals are kept in zoos, they are kept in a cage and can’t run around. Animals should have there own space to run around.

    Some zoos are cruel and they force the animals to do stuff they don’t want to do. Some animals could be really tired and the zookeepers would force them to do a show or something that they don’t want to do.

    In my opinion, animals should not be kept in zoos because animals should be in there natural habitat, they like to be free and some zoos are really cruel to the animals. That is why animals should not be kept in zoos.

  18. Animals shouldn’t be be locked up in zoos because animals have homes in the wild.

    1: Animals aren’t dangerous if you dont annoy them or hurt them so it is safe for them to stay in the wild.

    2: Animals would prefer to live in their natural environment than to be locked up in a cage.

    3: Animals are sperated from their families in the wild.
    Oscar L 5/6MA

  19. I find this topic difficult!
    I find it difficult to decide whether I agree or whether I disagree.
    I do believe that animals should be free and given the opportunity to run around in a large, open spaces where they can hunt for their own food and develop their own sleeping environment.
    But… I do also believe that keeping animals in enclosed spaces supports and maintains species who are at risk of becoming (if not already) endangered. Keeping animals in zoos or ‘animal parks’ enables them to create new life and this new life can then be release into the wild in hope that the species numbers will rise.
    I still can’t decide whether I agree or disagree!
    Mrs Mahney

  20. These beautiful animals need their natural habitat to survive. Yes, zoos probably try to give these animals the best, but they can’t always do that, so in my opinion animals shoudn’t be kept in zoos. Animals should at some point have the same exact freedom as we do.

        • Hi Carly!

          If you want to kow about zoos then a zoo is a place where animals are kept and with the own natural habitat and they get fed everyday by the zoo keepers and the bad thing is that they kept in cages so that people are able to see them but, if they weren’t in cages all the animals will be chaotic.

          Ben & William from 5/6 MA

  21. Firstly, animals shouldn’t be kept in zoos because most people go to the zoo purely for their entertainment and truly I think that animals weren’t created for our entertainment and it’s cruel to keep these animals in an artificial environment just for our benefit. Humans aren’t the only living things that live on the planet and for sure we weren’t the first. Even us, we wouldn’t be able to be trapped behind bars and the fact that animals come to see you for their own amusement and entertainment.
    Secondly, animals shouldn’t be kept in zoos because animals should be allowed to enjoy their habitat and not a fake, instead of living in a zoo trapped behind bars like a prison living with whatever others animals the keepers want in the same enclosure. They need to be in their original habitat even if it’s dangerous for us because it will be more dangerous for them. Also an animal deserves to be freedom whatever they do because it’s for their surviving, they need it.

  22. Animals should be treated the same as us!They live with their dear families,and we have no right to take them away.Mrs Mahney I strongly believe it is not a good idea to keep animals in cages or zoo,image humans are put into cages or zoo for their whole entire life I think humans won’t be happy.So does animals they have their own feelings,animals can talk,walk,play,sleep,cry,eat they can do mostly what we can do,don’t them?

  23. Animals should have a right to stay in their natural homes because animals some what have feelings as well and also if you let the animal go it might get attacked and hurt.If you want animals to be in cages,next time in the future all animals maybe already extinct.

  24. I believe that animals should be kept in zoos.
    Zoos save endangered species by bringing them into a safe environment, where they are protected from poachers, habitat loss, starvation and predators. Many zoos also have breeding programs for endangered species. In the wild, these individuals might have trouble finding mates and breeding.

  25. I think animals should be kept in zoos because if they are hurt,sick,endangered,extinct or their natural habitat is being destroyed then the zoo keeper can help them but some zoo treat them badly.
    Here´s a bit of a story,
    One day I was out at the beach and I saw and injured seagull and we took it to the rangers office and then they sent it to the zoo,two months later we visited the zoo and the bird was all better and perching on the zoo keepers shoulder so I knew that they took great care of the bird

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