Our school is lucky to have access to Mathletics for a short time. Log on and explore the great things Mathletics has to offer. Choose an areas that you would like to improve in Maths and work your way through the activities. Click on the Logo above to get to the ‘Login’ page of the website.

What do you like about Mathletics? Why?

What don’t you like about Mathletics? Why?




18 thoughts on “Mathletics

  1. Hi Mrs Mahney

    I think Mathletics is a good way to revise what you know and to see if the way you do things is correct.

    I don’t like the part in Mathletics that you can only get one award every week.

    Thanks Mrs Mahney.

  2. Hello Mrs Mahney,
    I love using Mathletics.

    The thing I like about it is that you can verse your friends at school and all over the world.

    The thing I dont about it is nothing because it is fun to use and I don’t not like anything about it πŸ™‚

    From: Daniel T

  3. I enjoy using the program Mathletics, it is lots of fun and I have had lots of practise.

    What I like about Mathletics? Why?
    I like Mathletics because its a fun way of practising maths with people around the country and world. When I get something wrong its explains how I got it wrong and how to work it out.

    What don’t you like about Mathletics ? Why?
    The program is great fun and I like everything about Mathletics. The program has helped me a lot so far.

    Alicia T
    5/6 Mahney

  4. Hi everybody,
    What i like the most is that you get to choose how you look for your character and the fact that you get to see your credits daily. I just hope my internet does not drop out AGAIN thats all i have to say ; ) πŸ™‚

  5. I have enjoyed Mathletics beuause we get to play with each other but I am learning at the same time and I hope I can do this every day.

    Anthony P 5/5Ma

  6. Dear Mrs Mahney (or whoever is reading this),

    I really enjoy Mathletics it is really fun because we can battle our friends… WITH MATH!!(I just like saying that for some reason)
    Also we can battle other players from around the world, or even the computer!

    I like everything on Mathletics… I dont think anything is bad!
    Savio 5/6 MA

  7. I love mathletics
    so much because not
    only does it teach you
    but it has tests so you
    can challenge yourself.
    I love mathletics SO MUCH!!!

    Grace W πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  8. I loved playing Mathletics!! It was fun playing with other classmates.
    It’s great to help us with learning and understanding and what it feels like to play and learn at the same time.
    Lidia N 5/6 Ma

  9. I like mathletics because it’s a fun way to learn Maths and you can play against people in the world it

    I don’t hate anything in mathletics I use to do it in my old school it was really fun

    Matletics makes Maths fun πŸ˜€

    Natalie D

  10. Hi mrs Mahney

    I love how this program Mathlectics works. It’s a great way for my child to learn and get lots of practise in maths. She has been telling me that she had lots of fun on this program. It’s explains why and how she got it wrong and she gets to compete with others around the world and school. I hope Mr Hodgson purchases this program for the children to use.

    Alicia’s Mum

    • Thanks for the message Alicia’s mum! The children really do enjoy using the program. I hope Alicia is able to use the program as much as possible while we have access to the program.
      Mrs Mahney

  11. Let me start off with what a GREAT IDEA Mr. Hodgson and Mrs. Mahney for thinking of a great website that allows kids to have fun with maths!!

    I love how you can have a profile, decorate your wallpaper, verse people around the world and improve in your maths’ education!!

    I thought I’ve seen this website before and it turns out my older cousins that came here to Australia from Cambodia, has an actual account themselves and still has been going on the website in YEAR 7 & 8!!

    Thank you for showing us this awesome website!
    (P.S On this website I’ve learnt about jumping and bumping numbers!)

    5/6 MA

  12. I love mathletics SSSSOOO much because you get to customize the background and your person. I also liked how you get to verse other people live. I think Mr Hodgson should keep it!

  13. Dear Mrs Mahney,

    I really am enjoying Mathletics! I wish our trial on it would last FOREVER! My favourite part is getting credits and challenging your classmates!

    From Lara H

  14. I just love mathletics. It’s just so much fun.
    I really like the fact that you can verse your classmates.

    Anna Eam

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