We now have access to Mathletics. You can use your old Username and Password to login to the site and work on improving your Maths skills.
You will find assessments to complete when you login too so do not forget to complete these when you have time.

P.S. – Game On 5/6 S
(we will beat you with a little determination and time!)

Click on the Mathletics icon below to be directed to the website. images

5 thoughts on “Mathletics

  1. I am glad that we now have access to Mathlectics. I can continue challenging people from other countries and people from our school. It is going to help me by making Maths.
    Alicia T

  2. Hi there
    I am so glad Mathletics is back on
    It’s so fun and everyone loves it and
    I hope they continue loving it because Maths is
    used in our everyday lives. 🙂 🙂 :0

    Grace W

  3. Dear Mrs Mahney,

    I’ve really ben enjoying Mathletics! It’s
    SO MUCH FUN! Well, it’s not ONLY fun, but
    it’s educational too. It’s obvious it’s educational because it’s called MATHletics!

    We’re really lucky to have this game! My favourite parts are when you can have your avatar and when we get to challenge other people
    in our class! I do think it would be even better
    if we can challenge OTHER classes in OUR
    School ( AKA 5/6S! ) to prove how great and smart 5/6Ma is.


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