Changing your eating habits to healthy ones!

Next term we will be looking at Healthy Eating and Healthy Habits. Here is something to get you thinking while you are still on  holidays.
Can you change the things you eat to ensure you are a healthier person?

You might think you eat well, but do you know how much of each food you should be eating? The Healthy Eating Plate is a way to easily remember/see how much protein, carbohydrate, and vegetables you need in a main meal.

Have a look at the short clip which shows the use of the ‘Healthy Plate’.

Here are a few healthy recipes you might like to try while you are still home.

Click on each of the images to get the recipe.

Healthy Fried Rice Recipe


Healthy Apricot and Oat Muffins

Apricoat & Oat Muffins

Did you try either of the two recipes? If so, what did you think? Were they tasty?

Have you cooked something else over the holidays that was healthy? If so, share the recipes for others to try.

3 thoughts on “Changing your eating habits to healthy ones!

  1. I have never tried the healthy fried rice or the healthy apricot and oat muffins but they sure look good maybe I should ask my Uncle if he could make me some. But I am looking forward to learning more about healthy eating and healthy habits next Term.

    Anna E

  2. Dear Mrs Mahney,

    I’ve never tried apricot and oat muffins but I’ve
    tried fried rice.

    Over the holidays my mum, sister and I made patties
    (they’re a food made in my background country) which are made with spring onions, potatoes, sauce and a few other vegetables wrapped in pastry.

    My oldest sister is really good at making brownies, muffins, and other things. So this weekend she’s making muffins, and in them she’s putting pieces of oranges and choc-chips.

    From Lara

    • Your patties sound delicious Lara!
      I hope you got to bake this weekend with your sister.
      See you in the morning!
      Mrs Mahney

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