book week 2
This week is BOOK WEEK.
The theme for the week is –
‘Read to Connect, Connect to Reading’. 

Miss Nadja has planned a number of exciting activities for you to participate in throughout the week. Keep an eye and an ear out for the the fun activities that will be happening at recess and lunchtimes.

Remember to bring along a book to share with your Buddy on Thursday along with a pillow and/or a soft toy. 


Have a look at some of the Short Listed books by clicking on following icon. 


Have you read any of the Short Listed books?
Which one did you enjoy most? Why?

Which one would you like to read?

Click on the sticker below to view the 2014 winners!


Do you agree with the winners for each category?
Why/Why not?

5 thoughts on “BOOK WEEK

  1. Have you read any of the Short Listed books?
    Yes BloodHound Boys

    Which one did you enjoy most? Why?
    Bloodhound boys because it was cool and it had funny charaters

    Which one would you like to read?
    Baby Bedtime

    By JB

  2. I have read a shortlisted book, I enjoyed the book Windy Farm because they started off as a poor family and then became rich and got everything, that they sell.

  3. I have and it was Once its a good book because it’s an adventures book and very sad and I do think it deserves a C.B.C.A. Sticker and everyone should read it

  4. Hi everyone,
    I have had time to read some short listed books this year but I think my favourite one is, King Pig. At the start, King Pig was very rude to all sheep that he had keep to be his servants. He wanted their attention so he told them to have their skin off to make his clothes. But at the end King Pig took all the wool and had made a warm silky jacket for all the sheep to wear during the freezing cold winter. The book that I would want to read next is The Swap and maybe I’m a Dirty Dinosaur.
    From: Kathlyn
    5/6 Mahney

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