Parliament House & the Old Melbourne Goal

As our Integrated Studies topic this term is ‘Law and Order’ย ย half of the Year 5/6 students traveled by bus into the city yesterday to visit Parliament House and the Old Melbourne Gaol.

Firstly, we visited Parliament House. We were all individually scanned through their X-Ray machines for security purposes. We then lined up and waited for our tour guide to lead us through the historic building. Our tour guide, Baron explained each room as we walked through.

We were extremely fortunate as it was the last day of sitting in Parliament so we were going to see debates in action.

We first visited the Legislative Assembly (Green) and watched them discuss a number of issues. We then moved into the Gallery where we learnt all about Parliament. Baron then took us into the Legislative Council (Red) room where we saw more debates taking place.ย 

The last room we visited was the Library. We didn’t think we were going to be able to visit this special room as there were debates taking place. But as the bells began ringing we knew we were going to have a quick opportunity to visit.

Our visit to Parliament House ended there. To our surprise, it was raining outside so what the teachers had planned couldn’t go ahead. We cooperated with the new plan and had fun anyway.

We then moved on to the Old Melbourne Gaol where we split up into two groups. The first group participated in a reenactment of Ned Kelly’s trial. We were each given a role to play. It was a fun experience and we were able to learn lots about the famous bush ranger.

The other group were taken on a tour of the Old Melbourne Gaol and learnt lots about the people that were housed there many years ago including Ned Kelly.

We enjoyed our day despite Melbourne’s horrible weather.

Did you enjoy your day? Why/Why not?
Which visit did you enjoy the most? (Parliament House or the Old Melbourne Gaol) Why?
What new information did you learn?

IF you were given the opportunity to participate in the excursion again what would you change? Why?

A slideshow of photos from our excursion will be added shortly!

14 thoughts on “Parliament House & the Old Melbourne Goal

  1. I enjoyed both the Parliament House and the Old Melbourne Gaol because with the Parliament House it was great to see a real life debate going on in both the Legislative Assembly (green) and the Legislative Council (red). Baron, our tour guide was really nice to even take us into the library where a debate was taking place. He told us lots of things in the gallery.
    For the Old Melbourne Gaol the activity I chose to do the court play of Ned kelly’s trial because I wanted to try something that included acting as I was planning on joining the drama club. It was too late to pick a club that I wanted to join but I did have a doubt since I don’t have a special talent for acting. My role in the play was the Judge’s Associate, my character is a person who is very well organised, over confident but regrets only one thing and that is not studying to become a judge. It was fun doing the court play even though I know I wasn’t good at the acting.

  2. I really enjoyed our trip to the Parliament House and also the Old Melbourne Gaol because I got to learn about things that I never know before. I liked both Parliament House and the Old Melbourne Gaol but for me I enjoyed the Old Melbourne Gaol more because we got to know about how they would have kept and how they had treated the prisoner. I learnt that in Parliament House there are two different sides, one was green and the other was red. in the green side there is about 88 member and in the red there is only about 20 something people. if i had a chance to go on an excursion like this I would not change anything because it was perfect to me…………………

  3. Hi Mrs Mahney! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜‰ (laugh)

    I really enjoyed my day because we learnt and did things that not many other people could do.
    I liked the Old Melbourne Gaol the most because we were allowed to either go on a tour of the gaol or we could make a play about what happened to Ned Kelly at court.
    I learnt that Ned Kelly only shot people if he was goping to be shot.
    I would not change a thing about it because it was so fun the way it was.

    Thanks Mrs Mahney! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜‰ (laugh)

  4. I enjoyed the day because we got to look at different cool things. I enjoyed the Old Melbourne Gaol because some of us participated in the Ned Kelly play. I learned that the people could have meetings anywhere unless there are people around because it it a public place. If we were the opportunity to participate I would not change anything because it was a great excursion. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜€
    Akon M

  5. The old Melbourne Gaol was a big place. It had 91 jail cells, 3 levels and a history about Ned Kelly. Ned Kelly was an Australia bush ranger, he would steal goods from people and he had robbed 2 banks too. One day, Ned Kelly and his 4 friends were hiding in a place and made a plan to stop the train with the back up for the police. Someone was spying on Ned Kelly so they ran to his house and got a red cloth.
    He grabbed a red cloth because the red on the cloth means to stop. The man had ran to the railway and had to wait for the train. He waited for the train because Ned Kelly and his friend had a plan to blow up the rail and kill everyone on that train. Ned Kelly’s friend had seen same man repairing the rail and told them “ok you man blow up the rail way ” and they did blow it up but the man form before had stop the train and told the police. the police had rush to Ned Kelly place and started shooting but Ned Kelly was ready to fight the had started shooting gun bang,bang,bang,boom but Ned Kelly had lost getting almost 100 bullets in his aim and legs and he was hung to death at this jail.
    Anthony Pham

  6. Hello everyone, during our fun excursion to the Parliament House I learnt that the Queen could only walk along the red carpet for the the color red represents royalty. I also learnt that during the debate in the Senate room that all members of which ever party had the right to interrupt each other. Rude!.

    At the Old Melbourne Gaol I was participating in the drama presentation where i learnt that the letter Ned Kelly wrote was the only evidence to save him from jail but due to his lawyer they lost that evidence! Enjoyed that day so much!

  7. Parliament House was a great place to visit. I learnt that there was 28 Prime Ministers and some of them had more than one turn at being a Prime Minister.
    I also learnt that back then if you were accused in trial you can’t say or talk so people can’t hear your side of it.
    I enjoyed both trips.

  8. I learnt a lot that day because Craig told us a lot of information about the Parliament House, he told us about the Senate and the Representative House.

  9. I really enjoyed our excursion to The Old Melbourne Gaol and The Parliament House! The weather made it worse but it was still very productive! The Old Melbourne Gaol was the best one of the day. ๐Ÿ™‚ Some parts of the Old Gaol really scared me.

  10. I really enjoyed participating in the play at the Old Melbourne Gaol. I learnt that back then Jail was spelt as Gaol. I really liked going to the Parliament House too because there was 23 carat gold nearly everywhere.

  11. G’day Reader, (Hopefully Mrs Mahney)
    I really liked the Old Melbourne Gaol because i got to visit a Jail, for the first time, I also really liked the Parliament house because I got to see what happened in a vote and talk.

    However I liked the Old Melbourne Gaol more because I got to listen to stories about Ned Kelly and I learn LOTS!!

    I’ve learnt that if you murder someone you get hanged, I also learnt that when you die, you get a plastic head and that Ned kelly’s Mother was framed.

    {~Savio P.~}
    | 5/6MA |O.o -_- T_T ๐Ÿ˜€

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