Science – Light and Colour

This term, the year 5/6 students are leaning about light and colour. We were fortunate to have Lydia from Monash come out and teach us all about this topic.

She had a range of hands-on activities for us to participate in and we loved them all!


Did you enjoy the incursion? Why or why not?

What did you learn?

3 thoughts on “Science – Light and Colour

  1. Dear Mrs Mahney,

    I really enjoyed the incursion! I enjoyed it because we got to listen to Lydia AND touch and play with the really fun equipment. My favourite equipment we got to play with was the 10 cent coin in water, the light beams and mirror, the stick that bounced rainbow lights when you shook the stick and shadow sticks.

    I learnt that if light can go through something it is Transparent, if it slightly can go through something it is Translucent and if light cannot through something at ALL it is Opaque. I also learnt that light either goes through straight lines, tilting lines or it bounces (also known as “yes sir!”).

    From Lara H,

  2. I like the beach it was the best excursion in the world!!!! I loved it so much I learned so much about live sacfting
    so much THE EAN in mean END.

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