Beach Day Fun

On Friday, the 13th of March, the whole school went out for some fun. The warm weather and sunny weather was inviting, and no one could resist the call of the beach.

The students participated in making sandcastles, parachutes, beach volleyball, cricket and beach safety, let’s not forget some free time.
We are all sure that everyone had a blast playing, eating and just simply relaxing, here are some pictures to show our fun.

Written by Shayla
Photos courtesy of Mrs Watkins

22 thoughts on “Beach Day Fun

  1. I loved attending to Beach Day! I always had a smile on my face, and absolutely LOVED the activities. I loved standing on the ocean shore, and watch myself slowly go forward into the depths of the ocean floor.

    I collected some fascinating shells, but I never got to keep the seashells…


  2. Hi!
    This is Savio here and I’m just having a look here and I can see Mrs Watkins has done a fabulous job putting together the slideshow and picking the PERFECT music for the slideshow! Also the beach was INCREDIBLY fun, it was nice having sand in your toes and the chance to wear thongs to school.

    Savio P
    πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚ πŸ˜›

    • Wait… I realised that Mrs Watkins only took the pictures… I saw it at the credits at the end… sorry… congrats to Mrs Watkins anyway and to Mrs Mahney which I believe made the slideshow… Sorry πŸ™

    • Thanks for popping by Savio!
      I hope you enjoyed your time at the Beach as much as we all did. What was your favourite activity?
      Mrs Mahney

  3. AT beach day i enjoy building sand castle and feeling your feet into the sand and water and it feel good. I also found shell and a crab. And I love the slideshow and the music.

    David Nguyen

  4. Dear Mrs Mahney,

    I really loved the beach and I wish we can do this every year and I hope you didn’t burn yourself during beach time. When I watched the video I was full of happiness and sand is fun than dirt. I hope you have a FANTASTIC time!

  5. I had an incredible time at Edithvale Beach! It was so much fun doing all the activities, but I especially liked free time when we got to do whatever we please. We were very fortunate to have fine weather!

  6. I loved going to Beach Day. It was extremely fun. I also loved all the activities we did. The activity I liked most was free time. I liked it because you can chose to do anything you want.

  7. Hello.
    I really enjoyed the day at the beach. The activities were perfect for the occasion, in my opinion. My favorite activity had to be making the sand castles. I actually made a sandman, like a snowman but with sand, but it collapsed when I finished building it. There were so many shells to pick from to put on my sandman but I sadly didn’t have enough time.

  8. Hi Mrs Mahney,
    It’s Khanh! Did you know that the pictures of the feet in the sand are actually John and my feet. Mrs Watkins took a picture but she said lean backwards so there are no shadows. It was hard to balance. After that I fell down and the sand went everywhere. Beach day was fun!

  9. When we got to the beach I was amazed it still looked the same as three years ago and I loved the activity even that there was sand all over my body. My favorite activity was cricket even that I only got two bat once but it was still fun, and thank you Mrs Watkins for taking the photos πŸ™‚

  10. Dear Mrs Mahney,

    I really enjoyed the beach it was so fun. My favourite part about the beach was freedom, because we got to build a sandcastle, also got to make a hole in the sand, the best bit was barring people now that was fun.


  11. Heya Mrs. Mahney~

    It was such a shame that I was sick at the beach, it could’ve gone better. But the activities that I did do were so much fun. But it’s also an honour to write this post~


  12. Dear Mrs Mrs Mahney,

    At the beach day it was fun building castles that was the best day ever i hope you had as much fun as i did.

    • Hi there David,
      I did really enjoy myself at the beach. It was a great day with lots of activities to participate in!
      Mrs Mahney

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