How Can We Change The World? ( a work in progress)

Random Acts of Kindness are an easy way to help change the world and, as the Kid Presidents says, “Make the world more AWESOME!”

Doing something for someone else without being asked or expecting anything in return will make others feel good and will also make you feel good about yourself.

Please comment on the video and suggest a ‘Random Act of Kindness’ that you or someone else might be able to do to make someone feel good.

43 thoughts on “How Can We Change The World? ( a work in progress)

    • Thanks Billy,
      That’s a great idea! This would be something we could do in our classroom to keep it tidy!
      Mrs Mahney

  1. Hi Mrs Mahney,

    A random act of kindness is to randomly ask someone you don’t know that is lonely and ask them if they want to play with you.

  2. Dear Mrs Mahney,
    I think a random act of kindness is being positive to others and giving other a simile can make their day even better.

  3. Hey there,
    A random act of kindness. Random? As in completely random? Um, say Hi in the morning to someone you’ve never talked to before to completely surprise them? Or maybe just randomly gift your friend a present for sticking with you for so long.

  4. I think a way to make someone feel good is give homeless people money that you don’t need or give food that can last

  5. I think a way to change the world by giving money to the poor, giving food to the homeless and not robbing the bank, or the people.

  6. If you are not confident or have no idea what to do to be kind, here is what you could do. You do not have to, it is only if you want to.

    OPTION(S) . ..
    – Donate blood
    If you donate blood, people who have loss of blood (anemia.) Many people have died from anemia, so if you donate your blood, more people will live longer.

  7. Hi Mrs Mahney,
    A random act of kindness could be that you say ‘Hello’ to them because then they would say ‘Hello’ back to you. Another could be that you help them when they need help on something.

  8. If I was to do that to someone I would complement them about what they are doing and try to encourage that person to keep doing it.!

  9. Hello, I think that one nice ‘Random Act of Kindness’ is for a family member make breakfast in bed for another family member or something along those lines.


  10. The random act of kindness i would do is to give some money or food to the poor and respect them.

  11. We could change the world by trying to stop polluting.We can stop factories polluting by taking out those giant pipe things and putting a lot of fans in there to blow the bad air away and this will help the people because it can get pretty hot in there!

  12. A random at of kindness can be complimenting a stranger or someone you don’t speak to often, this will make them feel appreciated.

  13. A random act of kindness is if you make a person you don’t know feel better or do something nice for someone you’ve never did anything for.
    – Tina D

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