During our Phillip Island visit we were fortunate to visit the historic Churchill Island.
Here we learn about the history of the Island.
As one of our Art activities, we had to sketch something from Churchill Island and choose only one aspect of our drawing to highlight using coloured pencils.

What information can you share about the history of Churchill Island?
What is something you remember seeing at Churchill Island?

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  1. I liked the Churchill Island pictures that have been a great work and I say that is the most wonderful work I have ever seen

  2. The Churchill Island history is very confusing.First George Bass and Matthew Flinders found and the civilization was born.After a few years a man wanted to buy it.I remember seeing lots of wildlife and crops.

  3. Dear Mrs Mahney,
    For Churchill Island I have learnt that there are still cottages also crops that have been watered during the old times. In front of the building I remembered that there was a Luna Tree which can tell a story about a boy and a girl.
    By: Tina 5/6 WM

  4. Hello,
    Something that I could share about Churchill Island is that when Lt. James Grant lived there, there were less trees and he shot the canon a LOT. I still remember, that when I looked really closely at the ‘rocky’ path, I saw little shells.

  5. I learnt that Churchill Island had really good soil and I saw wool, acorn trees and old cottages.

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