This term, our first Religion unit is called Sacred Stories, Sacred People. We have been learning all about the Bible and the people we read about.
We have been looking at how the Bible is a made up of a collections of ‘books’. Today we created a visual representation of the Bible.
Have a look at our “Bible Library’.


Can you list some of the people, places and events that occurred within the Old Testament?
Can you think of any people, places and events that occurred within the New Testament?

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  1. WOW! the blog looks amazing!! hi Mrs Mahney, long time no chat I guess that’s kinda my fault. High school is exactly as you said… HARD! (tell that to your year 6’s) It’s such a coincidence as my homeroom is also is learning more into the Bible although we learn about the Bible more intensely. Again, the blog looks amazing and hope to see you soon in person 😀

    – Love your ex student Martina

    • Thank for popping by Martina,
      ….I told you so!!!
      Is there something you could share with us about the Bible?
      Mrs Mahney

  2. Ahh. That looks amazing and unique, like how the title is usually the top of the page but it’s in the middle, right of it.

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