It’s Electrifying – Book Lights!

This term we have been learning all about electrical circuits.

We were each given our own kit. We spent some time in class experimenting with the materials and then took them home to create our own book light. We were given the task to create a book light to link in with this years Book Week theme – Books light up our world.

We look forward to displaying out lights in the Library during Book Week.

Check out our hard work and let us know what you think.

Did you enjoy creating the Book Light? If so, why? Why not?

What was the hardest thing to do?

What would you do differently next time if you have the opportunity to do this activity again?

4 thoughts on “It’s Electrifying – Book Lights!

  1. Hello there, just wanted to say, I absolutely LOVED doing this super fun activity, because we had to figure things out for ourselves, which I found interesting, and because we got to design different book lights. I think the hardest thing to do was to keep the wires on the screws ( the ones near the light bulb, if you know what I mean ), because when I screwed the screw tighter, it fell out. Next time, I would use slightly stronger light bulbs or power something else. Sorry for the long comment.

  2. Hi Mrs Mahney,
    The Book Lights were stunning! And some the plans to make them were so informative. Everyone was so creative, it just makes me want to do better quality work. I think that we should do more of these constructing projects. Keep up the good work everyone!

  3. All the book lights look amazing! Each of them are unique and different. Constructing the lamp was lots of fun because we had to find materials around our house, and it was a good way to recycle.

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