Monash Science Incursion – Electricity

This week, Sally from Monash Science visited the 5/6’s to teach us all she knew about Electricity.

We looked at Parallel and Series Circuits and experiments with items to find out which ones allowed electrical currents to pass through.

What did you learn?

What was your favourite part of the incursion?

3 thoughts on “Monash Science Incursion – Electricity

  1. Dear Mrs Mahney,
    For our INtergrated topic I have learn that there are lots and lots of type of batteries.A baterry has an anode and a cathode.The red wire always go to the anode and the black wire is always in the cathode side.It wouldn’t work if the wires are not in the correct side.Also my favourite part of the incursion was when we tried out if we could light up a light bulb using any objects.My 2nd favourite was the electric shot box it was awesome and the penguin circuit

  2. My favorite part was when the Monash lady put the to electrical wires together and it went ”zeeezeeeezeeeezeeeee”.

  3. I actually enjoyed this activity because this is a life-time opportunity to see electricity jump from metal to metal and see the aurora colours right in front of your eyes.

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