Family Origins


This week we have begun our new Religion unit – People of God in Australia.
Our first activity involved looking at where our classmates families have come from. Majority of our families (parents, grandparents, etc.) have a story behind why they have settled here in Australia. 

Write to us as a comment…we would love to here about your family story!


3 thoughts on “Family Origins

  1. I think this is a great idea to show what country you are from and I also like the saying “It doesn’t matter where you’re from we can still be friends”.

  2. Hello Everyone,
    This activity was cool. We all had to write about the interesting life of our relatives and family. If you look up there, there is a lot of Vietnamese people. I think all of the Vietnamese people came to this school because their parents just want them to go to the closest school. Vietnamese parents do what’s best and they have cheap reasons!

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