13 thoughts on “Book Week 2015

  1. I learnt about that the earth was different in the past and now. Also it has many layers so if we wanted to go to molten lava it would take years to dig and mine all the way to the core of earth.

    I enjoyed learning in the State Library about people who have made Melbourne the place it is today.

  2. Hello there, It’s Olivia. I’m just speechless of how much we did in such a short amount of time! I didn’t think that we would’ve been doing that much and I never noticed how much fun it was until we were gone. I loved being able to roam free in the Melbourne Museum, because I’ve never gotten the chance to do so before.
    Hope you had as much fun as I did,

  3. The excursion was so much fun!
    The thing I enjoyed most was the Melbourne Museum because we got to go around with our partners and see what new things there were to learn. The State Library was great too. We got to choose a famous person and research about.

  4. Dear Mrs Mahney and others reading this,
    For Book Week, I really enjoyed the Excursion because we got to learn facts about different animal species and got to use Animoto at the State Library.
    Tina H

  5. At the Melbourne Museum I loved looking at the live insects. They were kept in glass containers. I especially loved the little chamber of ants that you could poke your head through. At the State Library I learnt some interesting things, like that William Buckley was the person who escaped from being a slave.

  6. Hi Mrs Mahney,
    I really enjoyed the things we saw at the Museum and the State Library. Though I wonder why the library isn’t just filled with books. I had a great time anyways and hope you did too!

  7. I like about the excursion was that there were lot of different things such as the Ned Kelly amour and the gun like rail gun, piston, and legging. In the museum I enjoyed the story making but it was a challenge to finish it very fast.

  8. I really enjoyed the Melbourne Museum Excursion even though I’ve been there a few times. My favourite part of the Museum excursion is ” Dynamic Earth” because of the way the museum presented how the earth was created.

    5/6 MA

  9. It was extremely fun at the museum. I got to see insects such as ants and leaf insects. I saw fake dinosaurs and I got to feel their fossils. I also learnt a lot of things about wild animals, insects and dinosaurs.
    Amy 5/6 MA

  10. It was FASCINATING!
    I liked the Melbourne Museum the most.
    All the dinosaur bones, crystals, and the earth thing.
    -Tina D

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