Rugby Gala Day 2916

On Thursday 31st August, 62 of our Year 5/6 students competed in the annual Rugby League Gala Day at Westall Primary School.

When we arrived, each team (Girls Tag A, B & C teams and Boys Tackle A & B teams) and Boys got together and were trained by members of the Melbourne Storm before the competition began.

After the preliminary rounds, the two boys teams finished on top of the ladder and therefore played off in the Grand Final. After two hard fought games, the boy’s teams both were runners up.

The girls A tag team also finished on top of their pool. The girls B team finished second in their pool which meant these two teams had to play against each other for the right to play in the Grand Final. After a very even game, the A team won.  Then in the Grand Final, after another evenly played game, the girl’s team were runners up.

All the teams demonstrated sportsmanship and determination. They represented the school well! Congratulations!!!

We owe a big thank you to Mrs Crilly for organising training sessions, the teams and allowing us to go along to compete against other schools. Also, thanks to Mrs Medina, Mrs Anna, Mrs Kapsalis and Miss Carlson for coming along and supporting the teams.

We all had a great day!

Girls Tag A Team

Girls Tag B Team

Girls Tag C Team

Boys Tackle A Team

Boys Tackle B Team

4 thoughts on “Rugby Gala Day 2916

  1. Dear Mrs Mahney

    I had fun and enjoyed playing rugby at the Gala Day. I am glad that Team A girls tag and the teams in tackles boy came to the grand finals. I hope our school get the wild card. Thankyou for being with us and supporting us with some of the another teachers.

    From: Elina

  2. Dear 5/6 MA,

    I would like to say “good job to all who went to the Rugby Gala day! and thank you to Holly for teaching us .


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