Puffing Billy

On Friday 16th March, the entire school community heading into the Dandenongs to travel on the historic Puffing Billy.
Our class headed to Belgrave Station first. We waited for Puffing Billy… it soon arrived! The excitement set in.
We traveled towards Emerald Lake on the steamy Puffing Billy. Upon our arrival at Emerald Lake, we had our snack. As a class, we then explored the lake’s surroundings. We enjoyed the playground equipment and finished our lunch before it was time to head back to school.

What a great day had by all!

What was your favorite part of the day? Why?
What would you add/change about the day? Why?

29 thoughts on “Puffing Billy

  1. My favourite part of the day was being able to role down the hill really fast! It felt like it took forever to get to the bottom but nobody saw me do it.

    From Thien

  2. Hey, Mrs Mahney,
    My favourite part of the day was riding on Puffing Billy! It’s because it was enjoyable but, I kinda didn’t like the cold air going past me.

    I would change the bus crashing into the train to the bus safely going pass the train so I could hang my legs out of the train!

    Form, Jamieson

    • Thanks Jamieson!
      It is a shame that there was an accident but sometimes these things happen – they are out of our control! We all enjoyed ourselves from within the carriages!
      Mrs M

  3. The Puffing Billy experience was amazing. My favourite part was going over the wooden bridge and my least favourite part was the unpleasant smell of the steam.

  4. My favourite part of the day was when we went on Puffing Billy.
    I would like to make the day longer, and I would like to also like to stay on the train longer. I also want to explore around the WHOLE area.

    from Cindy, 5/6 MA

    • Exploring Emerald Lake was fun wasn’t it!
      It would be nice if we had something like that closer to school!
      Mrs M

  5. My favourite part of the day was going on the train because it was the first steam train I have ever been on.

    Something that I would change would be if Mrs Mahney didn’t take photos because I hate it when people take my photo.

  6. My favourite part was the walk with Mrs Mahney and our class, because we got to walk around with the class.

    Theresa 5/6 MA

  7. My favourite part was when we were on the train and we were on top of the mountains. It was really high, I got scared a bit but I did get used to it.

    Ashley 5/6 MA.

  8. My favourite part of the day was hearing Puffing Billy’s whistle because it was the first time to hear I had heard a steam train’s whistle.
    I would change our time after traveling on Puffing Bill. We could have played with the school’s sport equipment because we only walked around the park.
    Joyce 5/6MA

    • There was a little bit of time between our Puffing Billy ride and the bus ride home but I am not sure we had time for much more.
      Did you enjoy the equipment?
      Mrs M

  9. My favourite part of the day was when we were walking around and exploring because I don’t usually go on walks and I’ve never seen a kookaburra before in person so I was glad I got to see one.

    I would’ve loved to see other classes with us on the walk and interact with them because I would’ve loved to see my other friends as well.

  10. Lilianne 5/6 Mahney
    My favourite part of the day was when we were on Puffing Billy and we got to put our hands out, because Theresa and I both touched plants and it was a great first-time experience for me.
    I would add to the day some more time on the train and more time to hike with Mrs.Mahney.

  11. My favourite part was the train ride because we got a lot of air. l would change the park so it would be big and fun.

  12. My favourite part of the day was when I went on Puffing Billy, because I got to touch the tree leaves, branches and plants.

    What I would change / add is to make the steam train ride longer, because it was a very short ride.

    • Fiona, believe it or not, the steam train ride was actually an hour long! Did it feel like an hour to you?
      Mrs M

  13. My favourite part of the day was the train and how the smoke came out while tooting.

    I would change the weather to a sunny day because it WAS SO COLD!


    • Thanks Alois. I think it was a lovely day. The train ride was a little cold as the breeze hit our cheeks!
      Mrs M

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