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Click on the image below which will take you to a fun website where you can write a range of text types. When you are done please click on download and save you work somewhere where you will not loose your work. You could save it to a USB or send it to my email if you know how to..

The Magic Key – games to practise your reading and writing skills

School Times Games – a range of word activities about making words

Grammar & Punctuation – Do you need to learn more about using correct Grammar and Punctuation? Look here!!

Spelling – lots of fun games/activities to help you learn how to spell and assist with your reading



22 thoughts on “English

  1. Are these links? Wow!
    You made the blog look REALLY cool!
    Lots of classes, I think all the blogs, post “It’s a Book”
    on their blogs!
    From Lara,

  2. WOW!!!!!
    OMG. The blog looks amazing.
    I really enjoyed the YouTube clip and I really like the 5/6MA funny faces photos.
    This blog is cool!!!!!!!!!!
    From Kathlyn N

    • Hi Kathlyn,
      Thanks for dropping by, if there is anything you can think of adding please do let me know!
      Mrs Mahney

    • Thank you so very much Alicia! I do like keeping things neat and tidy as you have worked out, in the classroom and on our Blog.
      Mrs Mahney

  3. Hey Mrs Mahney,
    Your blog is so beautiful. Its my first time going on it!!!!!
    I like the will.i.am and the sesame street song!!!!!

    • I am glad you like it Danny. Remmeber to Subsribe to our Blog so that you are notified of any changes.
      Mrs Mahney

  4. Miss mahney,
    wow the blog is fantastic everythhing here is so intresting i love the gold information. It is very intresting!

  5. Loved how you added the very interesting literacy websites, definetly will check them out later and i have just seen how you wanted us to tell you when we wanted to add something to the blog and i was just thinking if you could add maybe a classroom mascot???!?!?! If you don’t know what i mean, you can ask me at school , since its hard to explain on the computer. Martina C

    • Maybe our pet fish could be our Classroom Mascot Martina! :p
      I’m kidding!

      But that is a AWESOME idea, it would be really cool! I wish I thought of that! 🙂

  6. I really want to go on these links but I’m only allowed to do it on Sundays. I’m so cuirious and I really want to go on these links right now but I guess i’ll wait for Sunday and go on FRENZY!!!!! Emma B

    • Emma, if you have a few spare minutes in the classroom (when you have finished your work), you can use the computers to have a look at these websites. I hope you enjoy using them!
      Mrs Mahney

  7. This is a great idea for learing in English
    and if you keep putting more sites then the more
    people will learn.
    Grace W

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