The Power of One

Today our school watched and some of us participated in ‘The Power of One’ performance. The aims of the performance is to learn about the different types of bullying and the ways we can prevent bullying from happening in our lives. It also gave us tips on how to stop bullying if it is happening to ourselves or to someone else.

The three types of bullying that we learnt about – Physical Bullying, Exclusion Bullying and Cyber Bullying.

The people involved when someone is being bullied are – the Bully, the Target and the Bystander.

What did you learn from the performance?
In the performance who was the most guilty and why? (the Bully, the Target or the Bystander)
What should you do if YOU are being bullied?
What should you do if you see someone else being bullied?
Explain why the Bully and the Bystander are equally at fault?