Dr. Rabbit and the Tooth Defenders

Check out the following video.

Think about…

What is a superhero?

Now imagine you are a superhero… answer the following questions to yourself.

What is your best quality?
What are your strengths?
How did you acquire your superhero quality?
Did someone teach you? Did you learn it yourself? What is difficult?
How do you maintain your superhero quality?

I, Pearl E. White, star Tooth City news reporter and local celebrity, am looking for a nightly news co-anchor, and you are going to audition for the role!
You need to write a story on the life of a Tooth Defender and how they became a superhero.

Think about…Who, What, When, Why, How things happened in your story..

Happy writing.
I look forward to reading your audition reports and announcing my co-anchor soon.

Kind Regards,
Pearl E. White
News reporter & local celebrity

Oral/Dental Health

Last week, the 5/6 children were visited by two members of the local Health Centre.
These two visitors gave us lots of information about Oral/Dental Health and they spoke to us about how important it is to regularly brush our teeth.

They taught us the method in which we should use to clean our teeth morning (after breakfast) and night time (before going to bed). See the poster for the explanation.

Teeth Cleaning

What facts/information about Oral/Dental Health can you remember?
Why is it important to regularly clean our teeth?