Family Origins


This week we have begun our new Religion unit – People of God in Australia.
Our first activity involved looking at where our classmates families have come from. Majority of our families (parents, grandparents, etc.) have a story behind why they have settled here in Australia. 

Write to us as a comment…we would love to here about your family story!


This term, our first Religion unit is called Sacred Stories, Sacred People. We have been learning all about the Bible and the people we read about.
We have been looking at how the Bible is a made up of a collections of ‘books’. Today we created a visual representation of the Bible.
Have a look at our “Bible Library’.


Can you list some of the people, places and events that occurred within the Old Testament?
Can you think of any people, places and events that occurred within the New Testament?

Human Rights

As part of this term, we took a look at Human Rights. After reading the book ‘We Are All Born Free’ which was written in association with Amnesty International. Our teachers,who went through the trouble of printing out the rights as two books, for each class.

Here are some of the many fabulous drawings that we drew. Proudly presented by both 5/6MA and 5/6WM.

Written by Shayla


Some questions heading your way!

What was your human right that you had to illustrate?

How did you come up with the illustration?

What other human rights do you think should be published?

How Can We Change The World? ( a work in progress)

Random Acts of Kindness are an easy way to help change the world and, as the Kid Presidents says, “Make the world more AWESOME!”

Doing something for someone else without being asked or expecting anything in return will make others feel good and will also make you feel good about yourself.

Please comment on the video and suggest a ‘Random Act of Kindness’ that you or someone else might be able to do to make someone feel good.

Mission Possible

This term’s unit in Religious Education is called, ‘Mission Possible’. We have been looking at justice and injustice in Jesus’ times and in our lives today.
Here are a few videos about Human Rights to support our unit. Please watch each video and leave a comment with your thoughts.

What do you think we can do in our world today to support people? 

Mary Mackillop Heritage Centre, Mary’s Birth Site & St Patrick’s Cathedral

Today we were fortunate enough to visit three important places in preparation for Confirmation. The three places we visited were: The Mary Mackillop Heritage Centre, Mary Mackillop’s Birth Site and St Patrick’s Cathedral.

While at the Mary Mackillop Heritage Centre we learnt lots about Mary’s early life and her life of mission as she lived out what God was calling her to do. We saw some fascinating items throughout the museum including the original wheelchair which was used to transport Mary around after she suffered a stroke, the oven door that was used to bake bread for the girls in Mary along with the Sister’s care.

We then walked out to Mary’s Birth Site. It was amazing to see how close to us that Mary was born. There is also now a, ‘Saint Mary of the Cross Square’ across the street from her Birth Place which includes plaques in the stone which indicated important milestones in Mary’s life. We then arrived at the statue of Mary where we were invited to pray. We were asked to remember the goals we have set for ourselves and asked Mary Mackillop to assist us in achieving or striving toward these goals.

Lastly, we visited St Patrick’s Cathedral. We were able to tour the Cathedral inside and out.

mary mackillop

What did you learn about Mary Mackillop’s life?
Why do you think Mary was chosen as Australia’s first Saint?
Which of the three parts of the excursion was your favourite and why?

St Anthony’s Relics

On Thursday the Year 3-6’s were invited to the Church to see the Relics of St Anthony. Father Benedict welcomed us and introduced us to Father Mario who travels around the world with St Anthony’s Relics. Father Mario spoke to us able St Anthony’s life and why is so important. He taught us about ‘Relics’ and gave us some examples.

Here are a few pictures of our visit.

What did you learn about St Anthony’s life?
What is a Relic? What examples can you give?
What part of St Anthony visited our school on Thursday?