Roald Dahl activities 2

Click on the link above ‘Roald Dahl activities 2’ to find the list of activities you can work from.

Commonwealth Multiple Intelligences Activities

Our Place in Space Projects

Click on the link above to find a copy of the Project Sheet. Remember that at least one project is due each week!
If you are super keen you are more than welcome to complete more than one activity a week.

 Click on the link to find a copy of the project that you should be working on over the holidays. Remember you must complete at least 3 questions before we get back.




CLICK ON THE LINK TO FIND THE LIST OF ‘GOLD’ PROJECTS – Remember that a minimum of ONE per week is due (Thursdays)!!!

Gold Homework activities



16 thoughts on “Homework

  1. Gosh now people won’t forget their homework anymore and plus our folders won’t be heavy . This will become very handy.
    Kathlyn N

  2. GREAT!!! Now i don’t know either to call this torture or an awesome way of education!!??!?!
    ( Thanks Mrs. Mahney for making me confused!!! )

  3. This is a GREAT idea to post our homework up!
    Is that Ned Kelly for Aussie Quiz 8?
    I nearly forgot my homework this week and luckily yesterday I saw this!
    Thanks Mrs Mahney! I haven’t forgotten my homework at all and I don’t want to forget!

    From Lara H,


    Thank you so much for having this page, now I dont have to get in trouble for not doing my homework or for forgetting it.

    Danny V

    • 10 sentences – one for every word. If there are words you are unsure of make sure you look them up in your dictionary before writing a sentence.
      Hope this helps!
      Mrs Mahney

  5. G’day Mrs Mahney

    Thanks for putting the Roald Dahl link on the homework tab, because I’ve lost my Roald Dahl Sheet!

    Savio P 🙂 😛 😀

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