Another great link that you could use to help you with your mini Gold projects!

Here is a link from Miss Nadja. It may help with your mini projects on Gold.


33 thoughts on “Gold

  1. IM SO EXCITED TO LEARN ABOUT GOLD AND CAMP (i don’t know why though)
    I pretty sure all the 5/6s are excited XD

    From Savio

    • Hi here Savio! Thad for popping by!
      Camp is a lot of fun with lots of activities that you will remember forever!
      Mrs Mahney

  2. I am so excited! Camp is going to be lots of fun!!! All the activities are going to make it an ace trip!!! I hope everything goes smoothly 🙂

    From Alicia

  3. I’m really excited! What games are we playing on camp? What school might we go to? How long would the trip be?
    Kathlyn N

    I don’t know what to say!!!! I space A-M space S-O space E-X-C-I-T-E-D!!!
    This is my first Camp! Are you guys excited?
    Obviously!!! I was thinking at the start of the year that camp would be scary and
    hard because we have to learn our hard Times Tables! But NOO!
    “I’m so HAPPYYY! 🙂 (clap along, if you feel -blah blah blah-)I’m so HAPPYYY! :)”
    From Lara

  5. Yay! I am soo excited for camp!! I’m wondering about so many things!!
    It’s going to be sooo fun!!
    Hayden 5/6MA

    • Hi there Hayden,
      Yes, I am excited about camp too! There will be so many fun things for us to do and see!
      Mrs Mahney

  6. I finally found our class blog! I am so excited for camp because I have NEVER been on camp before plus, I don’t go out often. I just hope I don’t fall asleep on the bus.
    Emma B 5/6MA

    • Emma, I am certain you will fall asleep on the way back to school. Camp is going to be full of exciting things which will ensure you are very tired!!
      Mrs Mahney

  7. Hey Mrs Mahney,
    I cannot wait to go to camp because,
    1. I want to taste the food
    2. I get to be with friends *YAYYYY* ;P
    3. We get to do fun activites

  8. I’m also pretty sure that I will fall asleep coming back! DEFINETLY NOT when we are going there! I will be too excited to fall asleep!
    I forgot! I’m too excited thinking about things we’ll do when we’re there!

    From Lara H

  9. Mrs Mahney, I am happy to say that our camp this year could be the best thing I have done in my life (other than going to Adventure Park).
    Ben 5/6 ma

  10. Dear Mrs Mahney,

    You know how we used to do Homework Tasks? Don’t we have AFTER camp Homework Tasks too?

    From Lara

    • No, don’t worry about those ones.. you will have new homework tasks soon to work on involving our new ‘Space’ topic.
      Mrs Mahney

  11. Hi,

    Mrs. Mahney the website that you post is so HELPFUL (and i thank u for that)but i had already researched those topics and am DESPERATE into finding information on the topic about how the the Eureka Rebellion changed lives on the goldfields!!!

    PLEASE ANSWER ASAP!!!! thanks (:

  12. Thanks for the links they are not only helping Martina but everybody else too!

    See ya tomorrow guys,

  13. I like your blog and how much you learnt about gold. My brother found a tiny speck of gold and put it in water so I can’t really see it.

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