Our Place in Space

Have a look at the following link – Space Jams.

Click on the Science Tab at the top of the site and then look for the Solar System icon. You can then flick through some PowerPoints and complete the quizzes for each topic. See how you go!

Scholastic Space Jams

Here are some of the projects that children in our class have completed throughout our Space unit. The children were able to choose which of the many activities they would complete as part of their weekly homework.

Check out the good work!


9 thoughts on “Our Place in Space

  1. Did you know that Uranus was officially discovered by Sir William Herschel in 1781.
    It is too dim to have been seen by the ancients. At first Herschel thought it was a comet, but several years later it was confirmed as a planet. Herscal tried to have his discovery named Georgian Sidus after King George III. The name Uranus was suggested by astronomer Johann Bode. The name comes from the ancient Greek deity Ouranos.

  2. Did you know that pluto is only dwarf plant now it was considered a dwarf planet in 2006 but it was use to be considered a major plant. It was the one that had the most distance from the sun and was considered the ninth plant in the universe. Pluto is now the largest known member of the kiuper belt. Percival Lowell was the one who discovered pluto, at first he thought that it was comet but it was not.
    Kathlyn 5/6MA

  3. Did you know our galactic neighborhood the milky way is not just a collection of stars but an amazing place where stars are born. The Milky Way has 200 billion or more stars that look like a glowing band across our sky

  4. I loved the “shoulders of giants” video it was a beautiful song. Now i am wondering what is happening around us space and world.

  5. Do you know that there is a planet X in our solar system? Planet X is outside the asteroid belt and is red like Mars.

  6. Did you know if you get sucked into a black hole you will be stretched out like a strand of spaghetti. And also, when a light gets sucked in the light disappears. And any thing gets sucked into turns into the black hole dust.

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