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Scholastic Space Jams
imagesClick on the Mathletics icon – it will take you to the webpage where you can login!

Sqworl – halving and division activities

Woodlands – lots and lots of fun activities to help you learn your times tables

Crack the Code – a great activity where you need to entre a code to crack the safe open

Sheppard’s – more fun Maths games!!!

Money Master – A website to help improve your money skills




18 thoughts on “Mathematics

  1. Mrs Mahney the new skill is great it could help me with solving maths from my tutor work also the fact i don’t know my time tables since it is my goal to learn my time tables during the whole year.

    • I hope this method will help you learn your times tables quickly. Knowing your times tables will make your Maths learning so much easier.
      Mrs Mahney

  2. WOW!!!! i like the skill now I’m going to use it for my times tables becuase one of my goals were to learn my times tables.

    Thank’s Mrs Mahney

  3. This skill is great 😀 This skill can really help me with my timetables because sometimes I forget some of my timetables 🙂

    Alicia T
    5/6 Mahney

  4. I totally remember this easy as strategy when I was younger from Mrs. Horin and my dad!!!!

    I am still using this strategy when doing maths and oh….how it makes my life easier!!
    I especially use this way with the nine times table. Its so easy a grade two can learn this.

    Thanks for the tip Mrs. Mahney!

  5. Mrs mahney I really liked the new times table skill and I know some of the times tables but I don’t really know all of my times table so I am going to use the new times table skill.

    Thankyou Mrs mahney

  6. Wow, I never knew that you can multiply with your fingers.I remember learning in class but it was difficult to understand. This example is better!

  7. Hello Everyone,
    I thought mathematics is a good program but it doesn’t use all the operations.
    It does mostly adding. But I still like it.

  8. Cool,I never knew that you could do that! It is really easy to understand so I think I would use this in the future.

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