Healesville Sanctuary

On Monday 1st May, the 5/6 level traveled to Healesville Sanctuary to introduce this terms inquiry unit.

We were introduced to some of Australia’s most endangered species.
We got to have close-up encounters with some of them too!
One of the Sanctuary’s rangers told us what we can do it help endangered species.

Which was your favourite animal? Why?
What was something you learnt whilst at Healesville Sanctuary?
What are some of the things we can do to support endangered species?

Did you enjoy the day? Why? Why not?


Congratulations to the Girls Basketball, Boys Basketball and Boys Tennis teams for making it through to the Semi-Finals for Inter School Sport.

It was a tough morning. The Girls Basketball team and the Boys Tennis team tried their hardest to make it into the Finals but their competition was just that little stronger.

Whereas, the Boys Basketball team won their Semi-Final game and made it into the Grand Final. It was a tougher game than their first. They tried their best and worked well as a team but unfortunately, they didn’t win. They came runners up in the Noble Park District.

We would like to congratulate all students who made it to the semi-finals and finals! It was great to see you all work as a team, show great team spirit and sportsmanship!

Girls Basketball Team 

Boys Basketball Team 

Boys Tennis Team 

Life Education Van

Over the past few weeks, our school has been fortunate to have the Life Education Van visit.

The year 5/6 students participated in a one and half hour session with Pheobe. The program was called, ‘It’s Your Call’.

We learnt about decision making including consequences. We learnt that we need to consider all information to make an informed decision.

Pheobe then taught us about Drugs. She taught us that there are legal and illegal drugs and some that even fall into the two categories. We got into groups and discussed the negative and positive effects that some of these drugs have on different people’s bodies. We then classified a range of drugs into legal and illegal drugs.

Towards the end of our session, we got to meet the Life Education Van’s mascot, Harold the Giraffe. We loved his humour and a few of us even got to pet him.

What a great time had by all!


What did you learn?
Which of the activities was your favourite? Why?
Did you enjoy yourself? Why/Why not?

Natural Disasters

This term, we have been learning about Natural Disasters.
We have all been busy putting together Google Slide presentations to represent some of our learning about our chosen type of disaster.

Some of the disasters we chose were volcanoes, tsunamis, floods, bush fires, cyclones, etc.

We had to find information about the follow…
– How the disaster occurs
– Where in the world the disaster is most likely to occur
– How long the disaster lasts
– The effects the disaster has on people and the environment
– Describe a well-known disaster
– Facts about the disaster

Here are a few of our presentations.

Beach Day

Friday saw the whole school head to the beach for a picnic.

We spent the day working through the following activities, free play, parachute, vortex & frisbee flying, sand sculpture, beach games, lunch, relay races and we even got to meet the Life Saver.

We had a great day!!!

What was your favourite part of the day? Why?
If you had the opportunity to change anything, what would it be? Why?

The Daily 5

This term we have been learning about the DAILY 5.

We have learnt about the first activity, Read to Self.
We learnt that we need to continually build our stamina when reading to ensure we are about to read for an extended period of time without distractions.
We now know how to put a good fit book. If we do this the books we borrow won’t be too easy or too hard – they will be just right!





Check out our reading corner. We love it!




The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.
Dr. Seuss

Coach Approach

Last week the Year 5/6 students were involved in a 2 hour incursion run by Coach Approach.
We participated in Taekwondo, Soccer, Touch Football and Hip Hop dance.
Each of the rotations were great and run by elite Athletes. It was a fantastic morning with fun had by all of us!