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Inside Out

This term during SEL, we have watched Inside Out. It is about a girl named Riley who is 11 years old. She moves house and leaves her friends and most of her memories behind. The feelings in her head including joy, sadness, fear, anger and disgust work together to make Riley happy again. 


We have been talking about when we feel joy, sadness, disgust, fear and anger in our lives. This week, we created a class ‘Feelings artwork’. We chose the colours that best represent our current feelings and printed them onto small canvases.

Here they are…









Here are some of our feeling reflections…

I have felt sadness when I got into a fight with someone and couldn’t say sorry. I am sad when someone feels sad because of me. I feel sad when I have to choose between my friends. I have felt sad when I couldn’t talk to someone about my issues.

I feel fear when there is any test or exam coming up. There is too much pressure when there is only one day left to actually revise. When the day has come, my heart beats really quick. When I am fearful, I can forget quite a lot of things, even when I revised nearly ten times. Somehow when I am afraid in a test, my score usually ends up to be quite good.

I feel happy and joyful when everyone around me is happy and is enjoying themselves. When other people are happy, I can relax more. It’s kind of like the saying “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.” because if one person does not feel happy, or are not enjoying themselves, it spoils it not only for me but for the whole team. When everyone is happy, I’m happy.

When have you felt sadness, fear, disgust, joy or anger in your life?

Pig the Pug – Book Week continued

As one of our Book Week activities we read the story, ‘Pig the Pug’.

We created our own pugs with our buddies using coloured squares of paper. It wasn’t as easy as it looks.

We also created our own version of the sequel to the story using Storybird. Check out some of our stories. There are many more to come.

This term, our first Religion unit is called Sacred Stories, Sacred People. We have been learning all about the Bible and the people we read about.
We have been looking at how the Bible is a made up of a collections of ‘books’. Today we created a visual representation of the Bible.
Have a look at our “Bible Library’.


Can you list some of the people, places and events that occurred within the Old Testament?
Can you think of any people, places and events that occurred within the New Testament?

During our Phillip Island visit we were fortunate to visit the historic Churchill Island.
Here we learn about the history of the Island.
As one of our Art activities, we had to sketch something from Churchill Island and choose only one aspect of our drawing to highlight using coloured pencils.

What information can you share about the history of Churchill Island?
What is something you remember seeing at Churchill Island?

Human Rights

As part of this term, we took a look at Human Rights. After reading the book ‘We Are All Born Free’ which was written in association with Amnesty International. Our teachers,who went through the trouble of printing out the rights as two books, for each class.

Here are some of the many fabulous drawings that we drew. Proudly presented by both 5/6MA and 5/6WM.

Written by Shayla


Some questions heading your way!

What was your human right that you had to illustrate?

How did you come up with the illustration?

What other human rights do you think should be published?

Endangered Animal Habitats

As part of our Integrated Studies we designed and built a habitat for the endangered animal we are researching. We used a variety of materials to produce a diorama. Here is a short video with some photos of us constructing them.

We look forward to sharing the end products with you.

Can you guess which animals might be living in these habitats?

Endangered Animal Art complete

We finally have our canvas painting ready to share at our assembly tomorrow. Mr Willie kindly gave our classes two sheets of plywood to mount our work onto. We hot glue gunned our canvas’ together to create two large artworks.

We are all VERY impressed with the final outcome! See what you think!

20150528_143416 20150528_143337What do you think? Do you like our artwork?

This weekend Melbourne’s city put on an event called ‘White Night’. It is a night where the city is on show (with millions of colourful lights) between 7pm and 7am.

As part of Art last week our art piece was based on this event.We created a scene involving the large crowds and the light covered buildings.
Check out the process we followed.

Did you enjoy this activity? What did/didn’t you like about it?
Did you go into the city during ‘White Night’ or have you been in the past?