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Pig the Pug – Book Week continued

As one of our Book Week activities we read the story, ‘Pig the Pug’.

We created our own pugs with our buddies using coloured squares of paper. It wasn’t as easy as it looks.

We also created our own version of the sequel to the story using Storybird. Check out some of our stories. There are many more to come.

It’s Electrifying – Book Lights!

This term we have been learning all about electrical circuits.

We were each given our own kit. We spent some time in class experimenting with the materials and then took them home to create our own book light. We were given the task to create a book light to link in with this years Book Week theme – Books light up our world.

We look forward to displaying out lights in the Library during Book Week.

Check out our hard work and let us know what you think.

Did you enjoy creating the Book Light? If so, why? Why not?

What was the hardest thing to do?

What would you do differently next time if you have the opportunity to do this activity again?

Book Week 2015- Books light up our word!

book week

With Book Week creeping up (Week 7) it might be time to begin looking at some of the Short Listed Books.

This year the Children’s Book Council of Australia (CBCA) is celebrating its 70th year. The theme this year is…. BOOKS LIGHT UP OUR WORLD!

Keep an eye out for the Short Listed titles whilst borrowing at our school library or your local library. I look forward to reading through some of these books with you!!

Click on the Book Week logo to find a list of the Shortlisted Books.

Melbourne Museum

Today we were fortunate enough to visit the Melbourne Museum as part of our Book Week activities prepared by Miss Nadja.
The Museum was filled with lots of exciting galleries for us to explore.

We began our day in the ‘Science and Life’ gallery. Here we explored dinosaurs, bugs, underwater creatures and our ‘Dynamic Earth’.

We then moved onto the most informative gallery yet, the First Peoples exhibition. This is where we learnt about the richness that our Australian history holds. We learnt about Indigenous Australians, their customs and culture and how this has impacted how/why Australia is the way it is today.

Next, we ventured through the ‘Melbourne’s Story’ exhibition. There were soooo many things from Melbourne’s history to explore. There were things that we made connections with – e.g the living conditions in Melbourne throughout the 1850’s (which we made connections to our camp experience). There were also some fun things we experienced like sitting in an old cinema theater and sitting in an old roller coaster.

The last gallery we walked through was the ‘Forest Gallery’. This was a live outdoor gallery where we learnt about Australia’s flora and fauna.

Which was your favourite gallery and why?
What artwork/artifact/object really caught your eye? Why?
What wonderings or questions do you still have?


book week 2
This week is BOOK WEEK.
The theme for the week is –
‘Read to Connect, Connect to Reading’. 

Miss Nadja has planned a number of exciting activities for you to participate in throughout the week. Keep an eye and an ear out for the the fun activities that will be happening at recess and lunchtimes.

Remember to bring along a book to share with your Buddy on Thursday along with a pillow and/or a soft toy. 


Have a look at some of the Short Listed books by clicking on following icon. 


Have you read any of the Short Listed books?
Which one did you enjoy most? Why?

Which one would you like to read?

Click on the sticker below to view the 2014 winners!


Do you agree with the winners for each category?
Why/Why not?