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We now have access to Mathletics. You can use your old Username and Password to login to the site and work on improving your Maths skills.
You will find assessments to complete when you login too so do not forget to complete these when you have time.

P.S. – Game On 5/6 S
(we will beat you with a little determination and time!)

Click on the Mathletics icon below to be directed to the website. images

The Farmer’s Puzzle – Give it a go!!!

A hundred dollars a farmer paid,

For one hundred animals ‘through the trade’.
Sheep were ten dollars, pig were two,
Hens were fifty cents.
What did she do?


Can you solve this problems?
If so, how did you solve it? What was your thinking?
Share your working out!



Our school is lucky to have access to Mathletics for a short time. Log on and explore the great things Mathletics has to offer. Choose an areas that you would like to improve in Maths and work your way through the activities. Click on the Logo above to get to the ‘Login’ page of the website.

What do you like about Mathletics? Why?

What don’t you like about Mathletics? Why?