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Do children spend too much time on computers?

This week, 5/6 WM and 5/6 MA have been working on developing our persuasive writing skills. The Year 5’s have been looking at writing a persuasive text using appropriate structure and language features while the Year 6 students have been developing their debating skills.

Here are some of arguments from our Year 6’s

What’s wrong with spending too much time on the computer? Most of the time children spend time reading on the computer. There are words everywhere on the computer for example, advertisements and instructions. Children read almost every minute. It’s not possible for someone not to read on electronics. We can also learn to read new words while playing computer games and talking to friends. You will become a professional reader. Believe me, it doesn’t take long!

Typing is a lot faster and neater than writing. Your messy handwriting will become a beautiful font if your work is typed on the computer. People’s presentation will look amazing.

Children who spend a lot of time on the computer can suffer from headaches. They focus for too long on games and this can give them a terrible headache. They then cannot focus on their school work because headaches are the worst.

If children spend too much time on the computer, they will become anti-social. If children become anti-social then they will find it hard to talk to other people, get a job in the future and get into Secondary School.

You can’t live without electronics. So people better learn how to use electronics. You won’t survive at high school without using a computer. People would have to go to the local library which takes a lot of time. Above all, spending more time on the computer helps you to learn to use electronics. It is good to be up to date with technology. Can you imagine a world without computers?

In my opinion, I believe that when children play on the computer 24/7 your electricity bill will become very high. I have had a lot of experiences with my cousin, brother and sister. We used to go to bed at 8:30pm but now we don’t because the internet changed our