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This term the Year 5/6 students will be learning about ‘Gold’.

Today we heard a rumour… that Gold had been found within our school. Witnesses disclosed that the gold nugget was found towards the 3/4 equipment. So we ventured out to see if we could ‘strike it rich!’.

We stumbled on lots of gold nuggets. Some bigger than others.

When we get back to our classroom we found out what gold was worth for the day – $42.48 per gram!!!

We then had to use a variety of scales to weight our gold nuggets and then calculate their worth.

Did you enjoy the activity? 

Did you find gold? How much was it worth?

Continuing our Camp experience back at School!

Since coming back to school after our long awaited camp to Sovereign Hill, we were able to flip through the hundreds of photos taken of us. We were able to participate in a number of interesting activities whist being involved in the Schools Program.
Here are a few photos…


The girls were taught how to ‘Cross Stitch’ during the school program.


Sir and Ma’am from our four schools showed us how to pan for gold.


Play time was a time to enjoy a piece of fruit and play games.


We were given the opportunity to tour the town with a Friend of Sovereign Hill volunteer.

We were asked to choose a photo to use in our writing. We were able to choose what text type we wanted to write.
Some of us chose to write a recount of our time, a narrative/story, a poem, etc.
Here are a few of the writing tasks that have been finished.

What do you think of our writing?
Can you come up with a piece of writing using one of the four photos published above??

We look forward to hearing from you.




Last week the year 5/6 students attended camp at Sovereign Hill. Camp was used to finish our unit of study on Gold and the way it impacted Australia and changed life for those who had settled here in the 1850’s.
There were a range of activities in which the children participated in including:
* Mine Tours
* Sovereign Hill School Program
* Gold panning
* Shopping
* ‘Blood on the Southern Cross’ light and sound show
Camp was sooo much fun!
What was your favourite activity and why?
Which of the activities was your least favourite and why?
If you were to go again, what would you change and why?