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Weather & Climate – Natural Disaster Resources

Have a look in the Integrated Studies section of our Blog and click on the link to the ‘Weather & Climate – Natural Disasters’ page.

This is where you will find a range of websites and videos to help with our learning and research on this topic.

If you find any useful website links please post them as a comment and I will arrange a time to look at them and hopefully add them to our resource bank.

Parliament House & the Old Melbourne Goal

As our Integrated Studies topic this term is ‘Law and Order’  half of the Year 5/6 students traveled by bus into the city yesterday to visit Parliament House and the Old Melbourne Gaol.

Firstly, we visited Parliament House. We were all individually scanned through their X-Ray machines for security purposes. We then lined up and waited for our tour guide to lead us through the historic building. Our tour guide, Baron explained each room as we walked through.

We were extremely fortunate as it was the last day of sitting in Parliament so we were going to see debates in action.

We first visited the Legislative Assembly (Green) and watched them discuss a number of issues. We then moved into the Gallery where we learnt all about Parliament. Baron then took us into the Legislative Council (Red) room where we saw more debates taking place. 

The last room we visited was the Library. We didn’t think we were going to be able to visit this special room as there were debates taking place. But as the bells began ringing we knew we were going to have a quick opportunity to visit.

Our visit to Parliament House ended there. To our surprise, it was raining outside so what the teachers had planned couldn’t go ahead. We cooperated with the new plan and had fun anyway.

We then moved on to the Old Melbourne Gaol where we split up into two groups. The first group participated in a reenactment of Ned Kelly’s trial. We were each given a role to play. It was a fun experience and we were able to learn lots about the famous bush ranger.

The other group were taken on a tour of the Old Melbourne Gaol and learnt lots about the people that were housed there many years ago including Ned Kelly.

We enjoyed our day despite Melbourne’s horrible weather.

Did you enjoy your day? Why/Why not?
Which visit did you enjoy the most? (Parliament House or the Old Melbourne Gaol) Why?
What new information did you learn?

IF you were given the opportunity to participate in the excursion again what would you change? Why?

A slideshow of photos from our excursion will be added shortly!

The History of Voting



Click on the image below which will take you o the Australian Electoral Commission website.
There, you will be able to watch a video clip which outlines the history of voting in Australia.

History of Voting

What have you learnt about voting?
What is it that you would like to deepen your understanding of in regards to voting in Australia?