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This term the Year 5/6 students will be learning about ‘Gold’.

Today we heard a rumour… that Gold had been found within our school. Witnesses disclosed that the gold nugget was found towards the 3/4 equipment. So we ventured out to see if we could ‘strike it rich!’.

We stumbled on lots of gold nuggets. Some bigger than others.

When we get back to our classroom we found out what gold was worth for the day – $42.48 per gram!!!

We then had to use a variety of scales to weight our gold nuggets and then calculate their worth.

Did you enjoy the activity? 

Did you find gold? How much was it worth?

Animal Research Reports & Google Drawing Avatars

This term, we have been learning about Endangered Animals. We visited Healesville Sanctuary. This was where we encountered many Australian animals that are currently threatened or endangered.
We chose one of these to be the center of our research.
We were each given a grid to begin our planning. We jotted down information or keywords we came across whilst researching.
We then worked on writing paragraphs and understanding the structure of an Information Report.
We each write a Report about our chosen animal. We also used Google Drawing to create an Avatar of the animal. W
Check out our hard work!

Natural Disasters

This term, we have been learning about Natural Disasters.
We have all been busy putting together Google Slide presentations to represent some of our learning about our chosen type of disaster.

Some of the disasters we chose were volcanoes, tsunamis, floods, bush fires, cyclones, etc.

We had to find information about the follow…
– How the disaster occurs
– Where in the world the disaster is most likely to occur
– How long the disaster lasts
– The effects the disaster has on people and the environment
– Describe a well-known disaster
– Facts about the disaster

Here are a few of our presentations.

ANZAC Questions & Answers

Today, the Year 5’s were given a quick task to complete.
They were asked to think about a question they had in relation to ANZAC Day as part of our ANZAC unit.
They needed to research their question and put the information they found onto ONE slide. Their hard work and creativity has been compiled into one Slideshow of information.

What questions do you still have? 

Weather & Climate – Natural Disaster Resources

Have a look in the Integrated Studies section of our Blog and click on the link to the ‘Weather & Climate – Natural Disasters’ page.

This is where you will find a range of websites and videos to help with our learning and research on this topic.

If you find any useful website links please post them as a comment and I will arrange a time to look at them and hopefully add them to our resource bank.

Paper Mache Solar System Fun

Over the past two weeks, we have been working on creating our very Solar System.
Firstly, we were put into small groups of 2-3 and were assigned a planet.
Then, using the Paper Mache technique we created our planet over a number of days as we had to allow each layer of glue and newspaper to dry.
When we were happy with the number of layers we had applied Mrs Mahney and Mrs Watkins primed our planets with a special paint.
The excitement continued as we began painting out planets.
We had to research our planet and find out as much as we could in order to make the planet look right.
We are at the stage where we are still looking for information about our planet and have to come up with a way to present  this information along with our planet.

Here are a few images of our work so far and we look forward to sharing our Solar Systems with you when they are complete this week!

What have you enjoyed most about this process?
What information or fun facts have you learnt about your planet?