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Science – It’s Electrifying!

Over the last couple of weeks, we have been learning about Electricity – Circuits.

We were each given a Circuit Kit which consisted of a battery pack, switch, wires and light bulbs. We had to design and construct a functioning ‘Light/Lamp’. Here are a few of our finished ones!

We look forward to sharing all of them with you!


It’s Electrifying – Book Lights!

This term we have been learning all about electrical circuits.

We were each given our own kit. We spent some time in class experimenting with the materials and then took them home to create our own book light. We were given the task to create a book light to link in with this years Book Week theme – Books light up our world.

We look forward to displaying out lights in the Library during Book Week.

Check out our hard work and let us know what you think.

Did you enjoy creating the Book Light? If so, why? Why not?

What was the hardest thing to do?

What would you do differently next time if you have the opportunity to do this activity again?

Salesian Kid Program

Today the Year 5 students headed to Salesian College to participate in the ‘Salesian Kid Program’.

We first headed to the Year 9 campus where we watched the talented Year 9 Drama students perform some short plays. They were funny to watch.

We then moved onto the main campus where we had our group photo taken.
We were then split into four equal groups. Two groups participated in a Sports activity while the other groups made their way to the Science Labs.

In the large school hall we learnt a new game called ‘Bombardment’. It is a running game where the aim of the game is to get as many group members back to the team with the baton in their hands without getting hit my the flying balls. It was a fun and competitive game and we cannot wait to share it with Mrs Crilly.

The other groups made their way to the Science lab. The students were split into two groups again.
One group of students looked through Microscopes to look closely at bugs and other things. The other group experimented with measurement tools.

We would like to thanks the staff and students of Salesian College for allowing us to visit their school. It gave us an insight as to what school will be like when it time for us to move onto Secondary School.
We had an enjoyable time and enjoyed the experiences that were offered to us.


Here are some photos of the Science activity we participated in.

Which of the activities did you enjoy most? Why?