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How Can We Change The World? ( a work in progress)

Random Acts of Kindness are an easy way to help change the world and, as the Kid Presidents says, “Make the world more AWESOME!”

Doing something for someone else without being asked or expecting anything in return will make others feel good and will also make you feel good about yourself.

Please comment on the video and suggest a ‘Random Act of Kindness’ that you or someone else might be able to do to make someone feel good.

Classroom Values

Today, 5/6 MA and 5/6 WM worked together to develop a set of important ‘Values’ for our classroom.

Firstly, we played a few warm-up activities which included introducing ourselves, pass the squeeze, pass the smile and silent statements.
This lightened the mood and ensured that we were all feeling happy about working with one another.

We then talked about Values and what they are. Mrs Watkins and Mrs Mahney explained what Values were and asked us to think about what we thought the most important value for our classroom was. There were cards in the middle of our circle that we could use as inspiration for those of us who were a little stuck for ideas.

We then took a paper plate and marker and wrote our value in the middle. We had to write/draw around the word to display what our value would look, sound and feel like.

Next, we got into groups of six to share our values. We were also set the task to choose which of the six paper plates was the most important. The other five paper plates were taken to the middle of our circle and displayed.

We then shared the paper plates that were important to us. These were the Values that we thought were most important.

Our values for the rest of this term (because we have decided to evaluate them at the beginning of each term) are:

With these Values we are able to create a learning environment that  we are all happy and comfortable in.


What Value is most important to you? Why?
Did you enjoy the activity? Why/Why not?
What other values to do you think are important?
What would happen if we didn’t follow our set values?