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Paper Mache Solar System Fun

Over the past two weeks, we have been working on creating our very Solar System.
Firstly, we were put into small groups of 2-3 and were assigned a planet.
Then, using the Paper Mache technique we created our planet over a number of days as we had to allow each layer of glue and newspaper to dry.
When we were happy with the number of layers we had applied Mrs Mahney and Mrs Watkins primed our planets with a special paint.
The excitement continued as we began painting out planets.
We had to research our planet and find out as much as we could in order to make the planet look right.
We are at the stage where we are still looking for information about our planet and have to come up with a way to present  this information along with our planet.

Here are a few images of our work so far and we look forward to sharing our Solar Systems with you when they are complete this week!

What have you enjoyed most about this process?
What information or fun facts have you learnt about your planet?

Systems – What is a System???

Today 5/6MA & 5/6WM watched a short video clip about the Solar  System. We learnt  lots about Systems and how they work. We used our own prior knowledge and then we looked for the definition of a ‘System’ in the dictionary. We then used all the information we knew and had gathered to create our own definition.

Here are some questions for you bloggers….

What is a System?
What is a Solar System?
What makes the Solar System a System?

Written by Lara & Anthony.

The Planet of Art

Every Friday, our class do art with 5\6 WM. Today we made some planets using shaving-cream and paint. The first thing we did was watch a YouTube video about how to make art with shaving cream and paint. It also told us it wasn’t hard to do.

 We used the end of a paint brush and swirled the paint to make beautiful and vibrant colours. We then pushed down the paper onto the coloured cream to set. Afterwards we squeegeed  the extra paint and shaving cream off the circle and they looked amazing.

Have a look at how we made our artwork. We will share our final artwork when we have mounted them to black paper shortly!

Watch this slideshow to see some photos we took.

Written by Tony & Benjamin

Did you enjoy the activity? Why? Why not?
What words would you use to describe the shaving-cream?