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District Athletics

On Thursday 7th September, a group of 54 Year 3-6’s competed in the annual Noble Park District Athletics Competition.

We competed in both Track and Field events. The competition was a challenge but most of the students placed in their events. Any student who came first or second in their event goes off to compete in the Divisions.

Thanks to our efforts, support, and good sportsmanship, our school came FIRST overall out of the 11 competing schools which has never happened before!

We are very proud of our achievements and look forward to the next round of competition.

Rugby Gala Day 2916

On Thursday 31st August, 62 of our Year 5/6 students competed in the annual Rugby League Gala Day at Westall Primary School.

When we arrived, each team (Girls Tag A, B & C teams and Boys Tackle A & B teams) and Boys got together and were trained by members of the Melbourne Storm before the competition began.

After the preliminary rounds, the two boys teams finished on top of the ladder and therefore played off in the Grand Final. After two hard fought games, the boy’s teams both were runners up.

The girls A tag team also finished on top of their pool. The girls B team finished second in their pool which meant these two teams had to play against each other for the right to play in the Grand Final. After a very even game, the A team won.  Then in the Grand Final, after another evenly played game, the girl’s team were runners up.

All the teams demonstrated sportsmanship and determination. They represented the school well! Congratulations!!!

We owe a big thank you to Mrs Crilly for organising training sessions, the teams and allowing us to go along to compete against other schools. Also, thanks to Mrs Medina, Mrs Anna, Mrs Kapsalis and Miss Carlson for coming along and supporting the teams.

We all had a great day!

Girls Tag A Team

Girls Tag B Team

Girls Tag C Team

Boys Tackle A Team

Boys Tackle B Team


Congratulations to the Girls Basketball, Boys Basketball and Boys Tennis teams for making it through to the Semi-Finals for Inter School Sport.

It was a tough morning. The Girls Basketball team and the Boys Tennis team tried their hardest to make it into the Finals but their competition was just that little stronger.

Whereas, the Boys Basketball team won their Semi-Final game and made it into the Grand Final. It was a tougher game than their first. They tried their best and worked well as a team but unfortunately, they didn’t win. They came runners up in the Noble Park District.

We would like to congratulate all students who made it to the semi-finals and finals! It was great to see you all work as a team, show great team spirit and sportsmanship!

Girls Basketball Team 

Boys Basketball Team 

Boys Tennis Team 

Coach Approach

Last week the Year 5/6 students were involved in a 2 hour incursion run by Coach Approach.
We participated in Taekwondo, Soccer, Touch Football and Hip Hop dance.
Each of the rotations were great and run by elite Athletes. It was a fantastic morning with fun had by all of us!


Morning training sessions are well underway for Inter School sport.

Wednesday: SOFTBALL

Training begins at 8:00am.
Please make sure you are at these training sessions to ensure that you are ready to complete with your team.


Salesian Kid Program

Today the Year 5 students headed to Salesian College to participate in the ‘Salesian Kid Program’.

We first headed to the Year 9 campus where we watched the talented Year 9 Drama students perform some short plays. They were funny to watch.

We then moved onto the main campus where we had our group photo taken.
We were then split into four equal groups. Two groups participated in a Sports activity while the other groups made their way to the Science Labs.

In the large school hall we learnt a new game called ‘Bombardment’. It is a running game where the aim of the game is to get as many group members back to the team with the baton in their hands without getting hit my the flying balls. It was a fun and competitive game and we cannot wait to share it with Mrs Crilly.

The other groups made their way to the Science lab. The students were split into two groups again.
One group of students looked through Microscopes to look closely at bugs and other things. The other group experimented with measurement tools.

We would like to thanks the staff and students of Salesian College for allowing us to visit their school. It gave us an insight as to what school will be like when it time for us to move onto Secondary School.
We had an enjoyable time and enjoyed the experiences that were offered to us.


Here are some photos of the Science activity we participated in.

Which of the activities did you enjoy most? Why?

COACH APPROACH – Keeping Kids Active

Coach approach aims to promote sports to school children.
They have a team of awesome coaches who gave experience and many years excelling in Olympic and Commonwealth, National and State competitions.

We were fortunate enough to have the Coach Approach team visit our school last Thursday. We participated in Circus activities, Taekwondo, Ultimate Frisbee and Dance.


What was your favourite rotation and why?
What did you learn from participating in the Coach Approach program?
Did you have fun? Why/why not?